A Common Question: How does it spray without dispensing the gas with the water?

Bio Med Wash is a pressurized aerosol container that dispenses pure tissue-culture-grade water. When the trigger is activated, a fine mist spray is dispensed gently and the user can put their face and eyes into the “mist stream” for eyewash treatment. The mist builds up on the face and the eyes, adding to the wash-out effect of the eyes natural tear function.

So how does it spray this fine gentle mist without any of the pressurized gases also escaping?

Using a leading technology, the water is contained in a sterile bag within the can. The bag is affixed to the spray actuator so only the water itself can escape when the trigger is activated. Because the medical grade nitrogen is required to pressurize the container for effective spraying, it is stored inside the can after the water bag has been sealed to the actuator.

The gas is contained between the shell walls of the canister and the bag, thus acting as a pressure-agent – much like if you grabbed the bag and squeezed – forcing the liquid in the bag to dispense. Nitrogen is a naturally occurring gas, and a natural part of our atmosphere. For more information about Nitrogen, take a look at Praxair’s MSDS for compressed Nitrogen.

As you can see from the accompanying diagram and the explanation provided, Bio Med Wash spray is both effective and safe for sterile and effective treatment of both skin and eyes.

What about the pressure that outputs from the spray? Isn’t it dangerous to the eyes?

When properly used, this product can be sprayed directly into the eye without any adverse effects. As a personal eyewash, a portable eyewash, there is no comparable product available on the market. It’s fine mist is exactly that – a fine mist – much like being out on a drizzly day with heavy misty-fog — only wetter!

“When testing the product out to satisfy my own sense of right, my curiosity, I found that as I sprayed, I could not tell if I was actually getting it into my eyes. The wetness of my face was far more noticeable than the spray entering my eyes.”

An added bonus of the facial spray of Bio Med Wash is that the pH-balanced water is naturally pure, non-allergenic, environmentally friendly, and a proven natural moisturizer for skin and eyes. Get wetter better.

Material Safety Data Sheet for Bio Med Wash Updated

In response to Canadian Regulatory requirements, further updates have been made to the Material Safety Data Sheet for the Bio Med Wash product. You can download and/or print the updated Bio Med Wash MSDS English copy from this site – Visit Bio Med Wash MSDS.

A French version of the Material Safety Data Sheet will be available soon. Please stay tuned. is now also available for download or online viewing at  Bio Med Wash MSDS.

Further, in response to Canadian regulations, an additional label has been added to the product warning that the product is a pressurized container.