Recent Worker Injuries Involving Acid

Posted by leedman on December 02, 2011  /   Posted in Press Release

In Montreal Canada a recent workplace accident involved acid being sprayed from a machine, completely by accident, completely unexpected. The two workers involved received serious acid burns to about half of their bodies.
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No details concerning the injuries indicate the flow of events from time of the acid spray to the time that the emergency responders arrived and found the two men in the emergency showers. All the same, it conjures up a number of possibilities, and potential opportunities to be better prepared in the future.

Had the men received any of the acid spray in and around their eyes, their sight would be immediately compromised. If this in fact did happen to these two men, it is likely that it hampered their ability to make a quick exit toward the emergency showers to wash of the acid spray.

Bio Med Wash has hip holsters for both the 3oz and 7oz cans. Had their eyesight been compromised, they could have quickly reached to their hips, activated the eyewash spray from the Bio Med Wash cans, and washed their eyes out quickly. This would enable them to get to the emergency showers much more quickly and to reduce the impact of the acid spray damage to the rest of their bodies.

Food for thought.

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