Directions for use

3oz Holster

A decade of research has revealed Bio Med Wash® the most effective and safe first aid wash for skin and eyes.


First aid wash for skin:

Spray BIO MED WASH in copious amounts (use as much as needed; do not worry about over-applying) on and around affected area to wash away dirt, blood, and chemical irritants, soften crusted exudates, and loosen debris. Use a sterile pad to remove softened material. A barrier moisturizing ointment with or without antibiotics may then be used on the clean wound.

Eye irrigation:

BIO MED WASH can be used in an emergency to irrigate eyes. To apply, hold the lid of the affected eye open with fingers and, from 8 to 12 inches away, aim water directly at eye. Continue until the eye floods and irritants are washed out. If solid particles remain, cover with a sterile pad and seek medical assistance. Safe for eyes and internal mucous membranes.


Amount:  As much as necessary to accomplish objectives.

Frequency: Use as often as desired.

Bio Med Wash Canada – Print Label

Using Older Cans with the Old Labelling?

Some older bottles of Bio Med Wash circulating in Canada may display the old labelling. With the Health Canada approval process, and meeting the Health Canada Natural Health Products Regulationsthe print label for the Bio Med Wash eye and first aid spray has been updated to reflect Canadian requirements.

Here is an image capture (graphic) of the label, and further down, you can read the transcribed copy for Recommended Use, and Recommended Dose.

Click image to enlarge.


Bio Med Wash is an emergency water wash for skin and eyes. The hand held portable spray is an all-natural, sterile water wash. No saline, no formulated ingredients, no burning of wounds, non-allergenic. Four year shelf life.

Recommended Use:

For irrigating the eye to help relieve irritation, burning or stinging by removing loose foreign material. A sterile water wash for dirt, smoke and other particulate materials in the eyes.

Recommended Dose:

Hold eyes open with fingers and apply Bio Med Wash to eyes in copious amounts immediately following exposure to foreign material, or as directed by a health care practitioner. Entire contents may be used in a single application.

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