Bio Med Wash MSDS

For your convenience, you can view, download, or print the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Bio Med Wash.

Further down, you’ll also see an image capture of the Canadian Print Label on the spray can.

English MSDS Bio Med Wash

Bio Med Wash MSDS (English) Updated January 20, 2012.


French MSDS Bio Med Wash

Bio Med Wash MSDS (French) Updated January 20, 2012.

Bio Med Wash Canada – Print Label

Some older bottles of Bio Med Wash circulating in Canada may display the old labelling. With the Health Canada approval process, and meeting the Health Canada Natural Health Products Regulations, the print label for the Bio Med Wash eye and first aid spray has been updated to reflect Canadian requirements.

Here is an image capture (graphic) of the label, and further down, you can read the transcribed copy for Recommended Use, and Recommended Dose.

Click image to enlarge.


Additional Label – Canadian Requirements

Bio Med Wash Label Pressurized Contents

It is the nature of the container and delivery that requires a visible notice on the product label that contents are under pressure.

Remember the bag-in-can technology:

The pressurizing agent is securely maintained between the cylinder and the bag, while the water that is dispensed is kept in the bag – squeezed by the pressure creating the spray-mist that effectively cleanses and washes the eye or wound.

3 thoughts on “Bio Med Wash MSDS”

  1. Was wondering if the Bio Med Wash meets CSA guidelines as an eyewash station providing a 15 minute flush or is this designed more to get you to an eyewash station?


    1. This is to replace the standard 1 litre bottles of eyewash – not the 15 minute flow stations. Like the 1 litre bottles of saline, the Bio Med Wash eyewash is a complement to the eyewash program.

      The significant advantage has to do with the savings to eyewash maintenance programs. I’d be happy to discuss more with you. Please feel free to call me on our toll-free line 1-800-665-5244


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