First Ever Eye Wash Application Carried on the Belt

Posted by leedman on November 18, 2011  /   Posted in Press Release

Remember the 9/11 disaster? The chaos, the dust and debris, the fire fighters covered in all sorts of grime, everyone looking for shelter from the unsavoury atmosphere?

First responders have never had a personal, portable, handheld device, carried on the belt, to immediately clear impaired vision. When there is a disaster involving smoke, fire, particulate matter, perspiration, explosion, heat, dust or chemical fumes, the eyes are compromised first.

When eyesight is compromised, lives may be lost.

Sharon and Bill Kleyne, co-founders of Bio-Logic Aqua Research, became deeply concerned about this dilemma as they watched the 9/11/01 disaster unfold. Inspired, they pursued a vision and during their research and development phase, which included interviews with police, military, fire fighters, rescue workers, and Homeland Security, they discovered that in the twin towers collapse, and many other disasters, lives were lost because evacuees and rescuers got perspiration, dust, fumes and smoke in their eyes and they could not see to find their way out. An easy-to-use, personal, portable handheld device for clearing vision, carried at the belt, would have saved many lives.

There was no such product on 9/11/01. There is now!

Application of this new emergency breakthrough product, Bio Med Wash all-natural, all-green first aid wash for eyes and skin, is surprisingly immediate, easy and safe. The device may be deployed to the eyes while walking or running, without disorientation, burning or blurring. Bio Med Wash contains 100% Bio-Logic Aqua tissue culture grade water (our TRADE SECRET) applied as a spray to naturally and gently flush and hydrate the eyes.

Bio Med Wash provides a proactive portable benefit to temporarily wash and maintain the first responder’s affected eyesight. Bio-Logic Aqua Research recommends that every emergency responder carry this device and that they deploy a new container for each rescue operation (although previously actuated and partially used containers remain 100% safe and effective). Apply Bio Med Wash to irrigate, wash and soothe eyes (and skin) compromised by smoke, fire, particulate matter, perspiration, explosions, heat, dust, chemcial fumes, OC (pepper) spray, tear gas, and much more.

To achieve the goal of having no additional lives lost to compromised eyesight, Bio-Logic Aqua Research woud like to assure that all first responders have the opportunity to carry Bio Med Wash on their belt and are trained in the product’s application. Eventually, many buildings and worksites will be outfitted with Bio Med Wash eye wash stations so that evacuees, as well as rescue workers, will have access to the product in an emergency.

This personal, portable handheld device will save lives!


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