BIO MED WASH® is a sterile, heavy mist containing 100% Bio-Logic Aqua®, an all-natural, pH correct, pure tissue-culture grade of water. The application is helpful in removing particulate matter and crusted exudate from cuts and abrasions, and in removing irritating chemicals from skin and eyes.

  • Emergency first aid eye wash and irrigation
  • All-natural bio-compatible hydrotherapy product replaces distilled, saline and tap water for most applications
  • Unique bag-in-can pressure spray for added safety and sterility
  • Washes dirt and other contaminants from cuts and lacerations
  • Helps remove irritating chemicals from eyes and skin
  • Ingredient: Bio-Logic Aqua® tissue-culture grade of water
  • Three to four year shelf life.

With BIO MED WASH, Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies introduces the concept of an all-natural sterile wash for wound management and emergency professionals. For agencies that handle or sell irritating chemicals such as pepper spray or tear gas, BIO MED WASH could reduce liability and expand the capacity to cope with emergency situations.

A hydrotherapy innovation from:

Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies
Biomedical Research – Water and Hydrotherapy
Research – Education – Pure Water Products – Humanitarian Charities

10 thoughts on “Home”

  1. I would like to present this product to all our Inspectors so they can show it to all customers. Are you able to arrange a training session at our offices?
    Please advise
    905 760 2045 ext 229

  2. Just curious to know if this product can offer any assistance with foreign bodies in the eye (ie. steel particles, grinding dust, etc).


    1. Yes, the manufacturer states “BIO MED WASH can be used in an emergency to irrigate eyes. To apply, hold the lid of the affected eye open with fingers and, from 8 to 12 inches away, aim water directly at eye. Continue until the eye floods and irritants are washed out. If solid particles remain, cover with a sterile pad and seek medical assistance. Safe for eyes and internal mucous membranes.”

  3. This product has been a real hit at our site – the portability of the product combined with the safety of it makes this a great choice. Combined with an extended shelf life and easy application, it becomes a “no brainer”.

  4. Is there a shelf life for the Bio Med Wash for skin and eyes?

    What is the con to using this product if expired?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Arlene – it has a four year shelf life with this product. Using it beyond that time frame does not guarantee sterility. Is it risky? It could be, though it is still highly probably that it would not be harmful.

      As with all things, where safety is concerned, reading and following directions and guidelines are intended to keep you safe. Thus it is important to act accordingly.

  5. hi i have been using this now for just over a year in my first aid kit, and its great, would like to see if possible a cap that you could click over the top to prevent accidental trigger depression once you remove the clip during first use.

  6. Hi! we like to leave eyewash in our truck kits all year, they are in the truck bed. What will happen if the can freezes? will it be unusable? or do we need to wait for it to thaw…..

  7. I have just purchased this product for our crews to carry. I am wondering about storage. Container lists upper temperature limit but no lower temperature limit. Will product freeze if in a vehicle? We live in Saskatchewan – winter can be -40.


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