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Does the Bio Med Wash product meet ISEA/ANSI Standard Z358.1-2009

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Fragile: Handle with Care

ISEA/ANSI Standard Z358.1-2009 pertains to 15-minute continuous flow eyewash and shower requirements. Specifically, it covers

… plumbed and self-contained emergency showers and emergency eyewash equipment, eye/face wash equipment, combination units, personal wash units and hand-held drench hoses.

Source: ANSI/ISEA Z358.1-2009

When it comes to hard-mount equipment, having the ability to provide 15-minutes of continuous flow, and manage the temperature of the solution, more stringent standards must be implemented. The standard must provide the best coverage possible for the worst-case scenario. While many businesses look upon the requirement as major overkill, never having a need for a 15-minute flow gravity station that costs huge money to buy and maintain, it is also an absolute must in some other workplace environments where the risk to life and safety, by nature of the job, is much higher.

Standards are meant to save life and limb.

ISEA/ANSI Standard Z358.1-2009 does talk about personal wash units. And here is what that has to say about personal eyewash units.

Personal Eye Wash and Eyesaline Requirements

A Personal Eye Wash is a supplementary eye wash that supports plumbed units, gravity-feed units, or both by delivering immediate flushing fluid.

NOTE: Personal eye wash units can provide immediate flushing when they are located near the workstations. Personal eye wash equipment does not meet the requirements of plumbed or gravity-feed eye wash equipment. Personal eye wash units can support plumbed or gravity-feed eye wash units, but cannot be a substitute.

Personal eye wash can be delivered through bottles of saline solution designed to simulate human tears. Individual bottles can be carried by workers and provide relief until in the crucial seconds until an approved eye wash station installation can be reached.

Again, please note that the primary reason for mentioning these personal units, is to ensure that an emphasis returns the business owner and safety personnel to the fact that personal eye wash is a supplement eye wash that supports plumbed units, gravity-feed stations, or both. The implication here is that Personal Eye Wash does not negate the requirement to have a primary 15-minute, plumbed or gravity-fed, unit as well.

Where Bio Med Wash must meet more stringent health requirements is as a first aid product. Same with saline solutions, antiseptic wipes, and so forth, personal washes and skin rinses require approval from Health Canada. The nature of the product determines the type of approval. They’re either classified as a drug and assigned a drug identification number, DIN, or they’re classified as a natural product and assigned a natural product number, NPN. Bio Med Wash NPN approval from Health Canada.

For many low-risk workplaces, mounting a tap-adaptor eyewash unit resolves the minimum requirement for continuous flow. Tap water, however, is also difficult to manage for sterility, comfort and ease of use. This is what makes the personal eyewash stations more viable, plus these wall mount stations can be placed closer to the risk hazards. This helps people with eye injuries to seek initial treatment that can assist a speedier recover and access to a continuous or 15-minute flow unit. Bio Med Wash, in fact, also offers holsters for immediate personal access.

Speak to someone regarding risk assessment and ensure you find the right solutions for your workplace. There are many choices, and risk assessment provides guidance that allows you to make the correct purchasing decisions to meet the ANSI standard. Then you can use Bio Med Wash as your supplemental eyewash, perfect close to high risk areas, and portable for field work.

The investments are huge initially. So are the savings. Lives and eyes. Bio Med Wash helps manage the ongoing maintenance costs of your eyewash program. Talk to your safety supplier and talk about these issues further.


  • Guardian Equipment ANSI / ISEA Z358.1 Compliance Checklist (PDF)
  • ANSI/ISEA Z358.1-2009
  • Emergency Shower and Eye Wash Station Requirements


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