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Bio-Logic Aqua Research USA Announces Partnership with Western Safety Products

Posted by leedman on December 21, 2011  /   Posted in Press Release
Courtesy of PR WEB & Bio-Logic Aqua Research

Sharon Kleyne, Founder and Chairman of Bio-Logic Aqua Research of Grants Pass, Oregon, USA, and Co-Founder and CEO Willem Kleyne, have announced a partnership between their company and Western Safety Products of Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada. Western Safety will become the exclusive Canadian distributor for Bio Med Wash®, the only personal eye wash device, globally, that is portable, hand-held, all-water and all-natural.

Bio Med Wash was developed after the September 11, 2001 attacks, when Bio-Logic Aqua discovered that many people couldn’t find their way out of the burning buildings due to fumes, heat and smoke in their eyes. Bio-Med Wash can be carried on the person and used while walking, with no stinging, burning or disorientation.

Bob Sask and Dan Barron, co-owners of Western Safety, have announced that they will make Bio-Med Wash available to Canada’s major industries, including the oil fields.

According to Bob Sask, “Bio Med Wash is an important addition to Western Safety’s first response safety product line. We have sold thousands of units with exciting response. This is the first hand-held eye wash that is truly portable.”

Western Safety has partnered to distribute all Bio Med Wash products and accessories:

Three-ounce and seven-ounce personal hand-held spray devices, a two-unit safety eye wash station, a 15-unit eye wash station, belt holsters, truck mounts and carrying cases. The product is available in military camouflage.

Sharon Kleyne notes that Bio Med Wash is easily carried on the person (with belt holster) by outdoor utility workers, oil fields, construction sites and first responders such as police, fire fighters, emergency medical personnel and the military. In industrial settings, the stations do not have to be plumbed and may be cost effectively located every few feet. The contents of the spray bottle remain sterile even when the unit is partially used and when surrounding conditions are unsanitary.

Bio Med Wash has been approved for Canadian distribution by Health Canada and other Canadian regulatory agencies. Bio-Logic Aqua Research has been awarded a Canadian patent with the product Nature’s Tears EyeMist application for dry eyes.

Bio Med Wash is available in the Canada through and major industrial first aid distributors throughout Canada. It is available in the United States through several major first aid product distributors and may be purchased online at

Recent Worker Injuries Involving Acid

Posted by leedman on December 02, 2011  /   Posted in Press Release

In Montreal Canada a recent workplace accident involved acid being sprayed from a machine, completely by accident, completely unexpected. The two workers involved received serious acid burns to about half of their bodies.
( See Story )

No details concerning the injuries indicate the flow of events from time of the acid spray to the time that the emergency responders arrived and found the two men in the emergency showers. All the same, it conjures up a number of possibilities, and potential opportunities to be better prepared in the future.

Had the men received any of the acid spray in and around their eyes, their sight would be immediately compromised. If this in fact did happen to these two men, it is likely that it hampered their ability to make a quick exit toward the emergency showers to wash of the acid spray.

Bio Med Wash has hip holsters for both the 3oz and 7oz cans. Had their eyesight been compromised, they could have quickly reached to their hips, activated the eyewash spray from the Bio Med Wash cans, and washed their eyes out quickly. This would enable them to get to the emergency showers much more quickly and to reduce the impact of the acid spray damage to the rest of their bodies.

Food for thought.

Updates for Labelling, Health Canada Approval, and MSDS

Posted by leedman on December 02, 2011  /   Posted in Press Release

With requests for current updates relating to the Health Canada approvals, where a copy of the material safety data sheet can be found, and how to address product already in circulation using the old labelling, a number of updated resources for your convenience.

Health Canada Approval

First and foremost, the Health Canada Approval recognizes Bio Med Wash as a natural health product and assigned an appropriate NPN number for the product to be sold in Canada. You can read more about the approval, and view or download the approval letter which has been scanned to a PDF on the Health Canada Approval page.

Old Labels

A number of customers who purchased the product before Health Canada became involved, have received the product with the old labelling which identifies the product as an Eye and First Aid Spray. The directions for use inadequately explained how to use the product as an eyewash. Those customers with the older cans, may continue to have them on-sites for emergency use for a few years yet, as the product does have a 4-year shelf life.

To address the concerns brought to our attention, the current labelling information pertinent to the use of the eyewash spray, has been added and can be found on the Canadian Label Updated page.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Businesses responsible for the safety and well being of their employees recognize the importance of having proper records on hand for the products they purchase. Material Safety Data Sheets are no exception and with a number of calls requesting a copy, we have finally uploaded a copy of the MSDS for Bio Med Wash.

You can view or download a copy of the Bio Med Wash MSDS on that page.


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